Sunday, July 12, 2009

Everything Old is New Again:)

I found this set of dishes in several trips to my favorite Thrift Shop! One visit I picked up a large number of plates and bowls..........only to find another huge selection of them about a month later...YEA! Now, I wasn't buying them for myself, but to sell in my booth at the mall. They have been sitting in my garage for over a year with occasional threats to list them on Ebay or take them to Recycled Rose. I must let you know that the original investment was a whole 12.00 total! While vacationing with my sister and brother-in-law, we visited an antique mall in Paducah, Kentucky. I found this lovely vintage tablecloth for 7.00 and snatched it up! Again, not for myself but to sell in our booth:)

Once home, I thought how cute those dishes might look on that turquoise/violet/yellow tablecloth. I set them out and couldn't resist......not that I need anymore dishes. They looked so pretty sitting out in my dining room that I decided to keep them. While at the mall the other day, Sandy and I were taking a walk around when we spotted several tea pots that would work well with the set. A quick trip to Target and TJMaxx and I had glasses and placemat to match. Thought I would show them off to you thrifters.......nothing like recycling, repurposing, rewarding!!!!!


Pat@Back Porch Musing said...

You should add this to Tablescape Thursday. The table setting is beautiful! Wonderful vintage table!

madrekarin said...

Cute dishes!! Don't you love it when you find things like that at the thrift? They look great on your table. I guess you did need new dishes after all!

Leticia said...

Beautiful table setting. Love the colors.