Monday, March 02, 2009

Economy Strengthens Home Life!

I know there isn't much good to say about the economic situation......but....I have found a little sun peeking throught the gray mist! Because of the recession we are spending more time at home. I love that!!!! That saves on gas and the perpetual shopping habit I had gotten into. No, I wasn't buying large purchase items like furniture, bedding or jewelry.....but....I was "nickel diming" away a lot of money on things I didn't really need. I was constantly on the hunt for new decor ladies know what I am talking about:) I was always buying a new pair of pants or shoes to lift my spirits....LOL! Instead of going, I have found great joy in cleaning out.....yes, cleaning out closets, basement, studio....any place I am left alone in for more than 30 minutes. My hubby has gone to hiding things he fears may catch my eye!

I have enjoyed a new passion for cooking and reading.......that is a "good thing". I used to be running all the time and cooking was something that had to be fast. Reading was deligated to bedtime because there was never time during the day. Now, I take my book to the living room in the middle of the day and give myself an hour or two to read......WHAT A TREAT! I also spend time going through recipes online and have tried so many new delicous ways to prepare fish, chicken and veggies:) My husband is lovin that!!!! We have had some fantabulous desserts along with many new casseroles that put our taste buds on end. Insteac of driving and spending I have developed a habit of saving. WOW, that is something new to me......but I sure do like it! Don't get me wrong......I am not doing without...LOL! Oh No.....we have a new granite counter top for our kitchen island coming next Thursday and I can hardly wait. Also I just purchased an antique child's hosier cabinet (handmade) for my grandbabies room! The difference is.....I am saving for that something special....not dribbling my money away on stuff I don't need or will tire of after a month or so:) This economic crunch has hit some REALLY HARD, but in our little world it has done more to bring the entire family together and I think that is GOOD!


madrekarin said...

Isn't it nice? We started doing the very same thing last year when mu hubs lost his job. Not that we were spending crazily, but we did buckle down and decided that there were things we could do without and we really don't notice the things we cut out are gone!
I think this is, in some ways, a good thing, bringing priorities back into line and giving us time to focus on what is really important. We really have become a nation of too-much-stuff and simplifying is a good thing. Like you said, that doesn't mean doing without. Nope, it just means being more thoughtful and wise with your $$$. Too bad Washington can't grasp that concept.

lindaharre said...

You can say that again:)

cindy said...

Ditto, ditto. We've been in the lost job situation many times before (so very grateful to not be at the moment) and yep, it does always make us par down and focus on the things that we should focus more on. Great post.


nelda ream said...

I am doing the same thing in our home. It is good to rediscover some precious things, isn't it? Thanks for sharing with us how you are coping.