Friday, February 27, 2009

Longing for SPRING!!!!!

Does anyone else find the weather strange? I have been around MANY YEARS....but the sudden change from warm to cold, cold to warm is like a bouncing ball. Two days ago it was 70 degress, yesterday it was 60.....but today and tonight it will be in the 20's again! The birds seem confused too! They are chirping like the leaves are about to burst out of the bud:D They looked lost this morning as they searched the ground for a seed or two. No coat, light jacket, heavy winter coat with scarf......never know what I will need when I wake up! We have kept them all out and hanging on the hall tree. I am a firm believer in "Global Warming" and also feel that the rhythm for our weather patterns is really affected! Here in St. Louis it isn't unusual to have changing weather.....but these huge swings are something new to me. Maybe I just haven't been paying attention :)


Roxy with the Moxy said...

"Climate Change" might be a more suitable name than Global Warming... real, no matter what term we use. Hopefully we can turn it around for the future generations, and give them a world like the one we were lucky enough to inherit ! love, sissy

cheryl kuhn said...

It's terrible too here in Ohio, one day it's 50 and the next it is 25. No wonder everyone is sick with colds around here!! Let's hope Mother Nature gets her act together and decides if it should be winter or spring!

PAT said...

It's strange indeed, Linda!