Sunday, September 07, 2008

In Search of Choo Choos.......

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We spent the day searching for Trains.........the boys talk about trains all the time and so we set out to see how many we could find! We drove to Pacific, Mo. where many trains are usually parked and were not disappointed! We even found some trains that were no longer used and available for viewing in the park! Rog drove along the tracks from Pacific to Eureka (where we live, about 8 miles away) and was lucky enough to find a train or two in motion. The engineer was nice enough to blow the horn and ring the bell a couple of times to the delight of our two peeps:D Then, it was off to Wildwood where we took a ride on a miniature train called the "Wabash, Frisco and Pacific". It is so cute.....they have about 4 trains taking guests for a nice 1/2 hour drive through the woods. We saw the Meramec River and the bluffs and we chugged through the beautiful pristine wooded grounds. What a wonderful place for children (and adults:) The entire Railroad was constructed by VOLUNTEERS and remains maned by volunteers to this day. It is open every Sunday from May until Oct. and only cost 3.00/person 3 yrs. and older. The boys have been before but it didn't seem to dull the thrill one bit! They chattered and squealed the entire ride. What a fun way to spend a Sunday! If you live in the area, I would highly recommend it for your youngest family members or guests. A real treat that has been going for over 30 yrs.


nelda ream said...

The boys are SO cute! I am passing the I Love Your Blog award to you. Please see the details on my blog at

JUST ME said...


I love this place. We went a couple of times before we left MO. I am glad the boys enjoyed themselves.

They are getting so big and as cute as ever.