Sunday, August 17, 2008

Week-end Packed with "Wee Ones"....

Our little sweetie in her room (at out house).....she loves being in there with her things. When we can't find her she is usually on her bed with favorite books, puzzles and toys:D The room in actually for all the kids when they come over, but Margo is there the most and was the first she kind of laid claim almost 6 years ago! When the twins spend the week-end we bring the playpen for one while the other gets the luxury of the crib:D It works so we haven't had to adjust anything! We have added a closet system to the room to house all the toys....LOL Boys love entirely different toys than little girls so........we had to have shelves for trucks, trains, boats, bats and balls.

Sunday we went in the city to visit the twins. Chris had purchased some rocket launchers and we met them in the park to shoot them off:D The boys had so much fun.....then it was over to the playground equipment. All the kids along with adults enjoyed the beautiful day and being outside:D We enjoyed a little dinner at Chris and Sheila's before the boys needed to get their beauty rest for the afternoon.

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