Friday, August 15, 2008

Thanks for your Concern!!!!

For those that wrote me emails and left comments........The second day was smooth as butter!!!! YEA!
She loved it and got up asking, "go by by to school?"!!!!!!
She didn't cry,
didn't ask to be held,
ate her little lunch in the cafeteria,
even visited her regular classroom where she was introduced to all the other kids. Carrie said she went into her regular classroom
where they were doing an art project.....
sat down at her assigned seat
started to work:D
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers..........hugs, Linda



JUST ME said...


I am so happy that she did well and that she wants to go back. I love this little girl. I just want to give her a big hug through my computer screen. Hang in there. I know how much you love her and can feel it everytime you write about her. It's funny how children can surprise you. We worry so much about them and sometime they react so differently then we believe.

I will be thinking of you both.



Leslie said...


I'm so glad that Margo's second day of kindergarten went so well. I've been navigating around your blog for two days now, and I feel like I know all of your 'peeps!'

You see, my first grandson was six months old recently, and as I began thinking of how to document his babyhood, I remembered the books you did for Hunter and Chase. Fortunately, I never throw away my old issues of Somerset Studio publications, so I only had to flip through a year or so before I found your beautiful books!

Off to the Book Barn this afternoon, and I'm ready to begin. I have a question though: Did you remove any of the pages from the books before starting your journals?

I have had the most delightful time exploring your blog, Linda, and I look forward to coming back often.

Best to you and your peeps!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I feel terrible Linda! I missed your post about Margo's difficulty with Kindergarten! It's good to know she is enjoying her time at school more, now. She looks so sweet in the photo.


Tricia said...

so happy her second day went well. what a sweetie!
love the halloween cards!


nelda ream said...

That's WONDERFUL news!