Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thrifting Fnds and Finished Quilt....

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In the last months I have been very lucky in finding some great items I couldn't part with! Normally I am looking for our booths in the mall or to sell on ebay, but when you find something this nice....it is hard to part with:D
Here in the above collage you see two paintings. The framed print is fabulous and is on my mantel as I write this........I looked up the artist and she is alive and well in Calif. still painting! The Oriental oil painting is not my particular favorite, but is VERY NICE! This I purchased for 4.00 at my local "thrift". The framed numbered print was 25.00 at a St. Louis thrift shop:D
The little lamp was a steal (in my book) for 3.00! It is a darling tin and sits on my foyer desk! I even still have the original shade on it:D The candle stick sits in my kitchen window right now....but has been used in the center of my kitchen island surrounded with greens and glass balls for a Christmas dinner last year! We picked it up at a garage sale while visiting Galena, Ill. last year with my sis and her husband. This little pretty set me back a mere 5.00! YEA for the Fleas, Tags, Garage and Thrifts.....YEA>>>YEA!

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And here is my finished quilt I posted awhile back! I got it back from the quilter and bound it in a sweet yellow floral. I especially love the fabric backing!!! I bought a lot of it and made my granddaughter a dress out of it along with several other projects.....like I said....I bought a lot of it!
As many of you had written me....and I thank you.....the mistakes I made in this first attempt at this pattern really don't show up once it was quilted. As you may have noticed looking at the things I make......I MUST HAVE a little RED in everything! It just completes it for me:D


nelda ream said...

Great finds! Don't you just love thrifting? I certainly do. Your quilt is beautiful. I love the red backing.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Great lamp, and I LOVE your quilt! Fabulous use of that mix of fabrics.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Great finds, Linda!

Your quilt is gorgeous! Love it.


Sharon said...

Our taste match. The quilt is georgous and the thrift finds are my kind of beautiful.

Iva's Creations said...

What fun it is to find such treasures in a thrift store! Beautiful all of them...Iva