Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet The Teachers......oh my!

Quick change before we made the walk:D I love "team work".....LOL

You can tell from these pics that Margo is not thrilled with the anticipation of this "new school" visit!
Today was a CHALLENGE! Margo doesn't do well with change of any kind and going to a new school (Kindergarten) is going to be a huge adjustment for her. Today was the "Meet the Teachers" day where the families bring their little ones to see their new classroom and meet those they will be working with:D
I went to Carrie's home in order to go along and meet Margo's "shadow" and her Kind. teacher. Her dad, Michael came home from work to go along.....and Milly missed her nap due to the event! Well, it didn't happen:( Margo was so upset by the time we walked to her school she didn't want to go in. Michael carried her inside but she was overwhelmed by the crowd and the new surroundings. She wanted out of there and made her feelings known in a socially unaccepted manner.......SCREAMING!!!
After venturing outside several times during the wait (for relief)......the principal suggested we go down to the SSD room and meet the teachers there, since Margo will spend part of her day with them. She was sooooo nervous and upset...screaming and kicking....just wanting to get out of there. I felt so sorry for Margo and Carrie! I don't know if I could have handled an Autistic child when I was young. I would like to think that I could have.......but it is certainly not a "walk in the park":( Seeing your child or grandchild so frightened and upset just rips your heart out. Carrie knows that after the initial distress....Margo will be just fine. She is great with her and always seems to know what to do in these emergencies:D Bless her heart....God gave Margo a mommy that can deal with this disability!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a hard day. Ekkkkk!!!

Amy said...

Margo is a very lucky little girl to have amazing people love her and who understand her!

I read your blog daily and enjoy your musings about your life.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Hugs to you and I will be praying for Margo to adjust to her new school. said...

Poor Margo! But she is very blessed with great parents (good Dad to miss work and help, too.) And what a terrific Grandmother she has.