Sunday, August 03, 2008

HOT day... and....Respite after a hot day.

Today, Aug. 4th we were invited over to Cyndy's house for a luncheon!
Cyndy is in the blue shorts:D
Her pool was calling us,
but none of us were brave enough to put on a suit!
That happens when you retire:D
just a bunch of teachers chatting away the afternoon was sure fun.
I have a "New Favorite Flower Must Have"
for next summer.......
the Mexican Petunia.
Wow, you can see them in this collage in purple!
Aren't they GORGEOUS.
They would look wonderful with my Oliander!!!!
We stayed outside all day
under that huge umbrella with the help of a fan......
not bad at all!
My car registered 102 degrees when I got in to drive home:(

We have a new place to gather here in Eureka......and it rocks!
The Eureka Wine Shoppe
has become quite the place to be and be seen here in little ole Eureka, Mo.
Last night we enjoyed wine,
good music
better company
as well as experienced the new outside garden.
A unique situation in that all the neighborhood restaurants
have a reciprocating agreement.
Since the Wine Shoppe
all kinds of wines (local and international) and unique beers....
but no dinners,
the restaurants will bring you dinner from their establishments
with just a phone call!
Really nice idea.
We have decided to make this a regular event
where we can all enjoy the dinners of our choice!
Great place for our "Community".......BRAVO!
one last thing I almost forgot......they have my paintings
hanging inside:D

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