Sunday, August 24, 2008

Feeling of sweet!

For many years I have dreamed about a red tile front fact since 1980 while doing a design job for Central Presbyterian Church here in St. Louis:D Well.......I finally got my porch! Rog and I worked all week-end on this project and fell asleep weary (but a good weary...ha..ha). Sat. we started at 9:30 am. and didn't come in until 6:30 pm. We got all the tile cut and set in place before cleaning up! This morning we started again at 9:30 and grouted and cleaned off tile all day long. We finished up at 5:30 leaving me just a little more cleaning for tomorrow. Rog is still going to caulk a few places with silicone but otherwise we are FINISHED!!!!! A big job.....but WE DID IT! We feel like we won the GOLD!!!! I will share some finished pics tomorrow when we get the furniture back in place:D Until then....good night (we are bushed:D

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Tricia said...

congrats on your porch! it is lovely! maybe i will be inspired to do a bit of house renovation work tomorrow...maybe....