Friday, July 18, 2008


(click on image to enlarge) least in my world:D I can't get enough of it!!!!! Give them all to me....Survivor...So You Think You Can Dance....American Idol....The Biggest Loser....The Nanny........Wife Swap.....I am a Reality Junky:D
Tonight my hubby surprised me and took me to the AMERICAN IDOL LIVE TOUR that was playing in St. Louis for this one night!!!!! Well, need I say more.....I was in "Reality Heaven":D There they were....the TWO DAVIDS in all their singing glory! Little David Archeleta was always my favorite and tonight was no exception! OMG what a voice. His angelic looks and ways along with his gorgeous voice melt my heart...( I would probably be a "groupie" if I were younger...ha..ha). And our home grown David Cook.......can sing just about anything and make it magical. Another sweet soul with a gentle nature. Bravo to the creators of these wonderful shows that showcase the young talent of this great country! Look at where some of the stars of these shows have gone......Broadway, Movies, Academy Awards and Grammies...WOW, Can you imagine how hard it would have been for these kids to get noticed if not for these wonderful show. My hat is off to the producers that continue to entertain us with these fun shows.....


Teri said...

What fun. My youngest son, nephew and I went last year when they were in our area. We had a great time, they even had me hanging around at the back of the arena for autographs over an hour after the show. We're sad they didn't come our way again this year. It was a great time!!

Linda said...

Oh my goodness! I could be a DC groupie if I were younger!!! I love him. ha! I can't believe you went. I've thought about it ... Houston..... hmmmmmm! So it was awesome?