Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hope Everyone Had A Great 4th..........

Some Bar-b-Q shots from Friday at my sister's and from Saturday at Chris and Shelia's house. We went to the concert in Lafayette park in the evening and then shot off some fireworks! Below are pics from Friday morning at the Lion's Carnival (a family tradition since the beginning of time) in Webster.....where we once all lived together:D
Margo had fun but didn't want to ride on anything while the boys and Milly were game for whatever!!!!! My three girls were together along with my two sons and son-in-law! I only have one daughter, but my two daughter-in-laws are like daughters to me as well:D I really have it GREAT!

These flowers were in my sister's yard and on her deck! She had some real beauties growing in her garden......especially the blue hydrangeas...........
What a fun week-end and holiday! I just love it when we are all together:D Happy 4th to everyone!

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