Sunday, July 06, 2008

Day at the Garden......

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When your senses need restoring and your longing for nature is pulling at your every fiber.....a trip to the Mo. Botanical Gardens is a quick fix:D Rog and I headed there this morning after a wonderful and fast moving 3 days. A time to sit quietly in the Woodland Gardens.....a time to reflect over a delightful lunch.....a time to sit by a waterfall and rolling stream.....a time to walk and talk!
One of the newest areas in the gardens is this peaceful and serene garden......with enchanting fountains and pergola.
The current show, Niki, is full of fun and eye popping pleasure! Bright Nana's grab your eye with their colorful mosaics and rounded forms:D Children climbing and sitting on them with smiles and bright eyes reminds you of younger years:D Always a source of inspiration and inner peace.....this visit, like all visits, didn't disappoint:D


PAT said...

Hi Linda

The "Garden" is definitely on our list for this summer! Beautiful photos.

Have a wonderful week.

nelda ream said...

What a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing with us.