Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Odds and Ends.......

Here is my new chair in the living room! The other chair is located where I am standing:D I have a little oval table I am going to paint black also to go next to the taupe loveseat (you can just see the tiny bit of the arm in the lower left corner. I need a wide angle lens.....ha...ha

My little girls last Tuesday and this week! I think I had Margo's new dress on backwards:D After the photo shoot I turned it around and it looked much better:D
THE ONLY LILY the deer didn't eat!!!! This is my one Star Gazer that blooms every year. Why the deer didn't take it down I will never know, but I am happy to see it still standing! They must have had indigestion after their visit to our yard.......they ate EVERY LILY that was just about to bloom:( Now I have to wait another year to see the beauty........................maddening:(
My little precious enjoying the swing........for what ever reason, Autistic children should be on a swing everyday....or so we were told several years ago:) I don't know what it does for them, but she sure enjoys it as noted in the pics......... If any of you reading this know the answer, please drop me a line:D

New "do" and dinner with my sis and brother-in-law! WOW, when I said a little shorter......I had NO IDEA she would go crazy! I also asked her to make the streaking a little darker so that it would not fade so fast.....well, now I look like a gray-haired lady:D but then again.....I am!!!!!
We are trying to get "Bus" (BIL) on the stick to plan our next road trip:D Hopefully sometime in the next several weeks:)
Nothing very exciting, but my family asked for some pics so here they are......


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Cory said...

Hi Linda...I think this beautiful child has style...I love the way the dress looks backwards. That's the moxie in me.