Saturday, June 21, 2008


First I want to share with you my love of GOODWILL! Earlier this week we were meeting family for dinner and decided to stop at the GOODWILL near the restaurant. We were early and had a half hour to spare.....well.....that was all I needed to find this wonderful Pottery Barn quilt, bed skirt, shams and throw pillows:D Need I tell you how THRILLED I WAS? I don't think so! This was brand new with tags still hanging on them. I guess it is only fair to tell you what a buy I got......everything for $50.00.......can you believe it????? I could hardly catch my breath!
Well, it took about a half hour once we arrived home to strip and put the new goods in place. Thought I would share a pic.....this is the guestroom:D

Next......I bought these pink chairs at my local thrift store. I painted them black and had them re-upholstered in a hounds tooth velvet like fabric! I really like the way they turned out....and I will share pics of them once I get them settled in:D Oh yes, they cost me 35.00 each originally! The work done on them was a little more....ha...ha!


madrekarin said...

Snap! That's awesome! You jsut never knwo what you will find at the Goodwill. :)

Brenda Kula said...

Someone actually took those to Goodwill! I never seem to find anything that awesome! I need to shop at yours!

PAT said...

Linda, I love this redo!

There is a big Goodwill store in O'Fallon, in an old Walgreens building. I saw it a couple weeks ago, when I didn't have time to stop. I'm definitely going to make a stop, sometime this week!

I can't wait for the next part of your redo. From what I can see it's fabulous!


nelda ream said...

Wow, you scored at Goodwill! The linens look beautiful in your bedroom. I love the redo on the chairs. They look fresh and up- to-date now. Treasures like these are what keeps us going back to GW, huh?

lindaharre said...

Boy can say that again!!!!! Thanks for peeking:D