Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yesterday....straighten, fluff, dust, sweep!

My sis and I had collected sooooo much "STUFF" that we had to open a second booth at the mall! Yesterday, while taking things over, it was time to clean up our act! We have been doing quite well.....even though it still looks like a "hodge podge":D We have sold some large pieces and many at the mall is good!!!!! I love the shopping end of things.....who doesn't? Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing our booths:D Now, it off to the "Magic House" to meet Sheila and the boys.....and Margo's classroom, where I will be teaching another art lesson:D Maybe I will be able to get her to spend the night again.........I HOPE!!!!!!


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PAT said...

I really really really "need" to make a little day trip to Eureka! Wonderful things I see in these photos, Linda!

Have a great weekend!