Saturday, May 17, 2008


Last night I got all the rings all I have to do is trim the pages and add a few embellishments to the inside. Will show you more when complete! I love this recycling!!!!!
These are my latest endeavor......Journals from VINTAGE BOOKS:D I purchase so many vintage books for the images within......but, only use a few of the covers! SO, I decided to use the covers to make personal journals for the little shop I love, RECYCLED ROSE!

First, I simply cut the covers off......darkened the edges.....collaged the inside with vintage ledger paper and Modge Podge-ed the entire surface.

Added some embellishments and stamping!

Next, I drilled holes in the covers to accommodate the loose-leaf rings (found online).

Then, I had to find appropriate paper for the inside it was off to Michael's where I found some nice cardstock already cut to ALMOST the right size.

Once cut to the right size.....papers were punched with holes.
Lastly, I collaged several of the interior pages with images that meshed with the cover.

Tied on some ribbons and WHALLA.......a Personal Journal (staying GREEN too).



Dawn said...

I LOVE the journals! I have made a couple of those (using recycled books) and I think they could be habit forming! So much fun! So appealing!

missy j said...

Darling! I have been wanting to give that a try for a while. You inspire me...again, and again and again!

cindy said...

Clever girl! What a fun thing to do. Hmmmm, may have to give it a try. You're the cutest!


Judy said...

i am coming to your place now!
I cant believe you never use those amazing covers - green with envy over here.

Sanja said...

what a great idea! beautiful it!

Babsarella said...

Terrific journals!!! Maybe you could sneak a few in your Etsy shop too!!!

nelda said...

These are so cute. I have been thinking of doing something similar with some vintage Golden books I have been collecting. Thanks for the inspiration to get it done.