Saturday, May 24, 2008

St. Charles in all it's glory!

Today Jeff and Arica were in from K.C. so.....we took off for historic St. Charles! Although it was a little overcast and did manage to rain a didn't dampen our spirits or the spirits of the other hundreds that were jamming the streets:D It just seems to get better looking as the years go by. Just a darling place to spend the day....not to mention the delicious candies, ice cream, lunch and coffee. We visited as many of the shops as we could get by with (the men were chatting outside). As long as their conversation was still going.....they didn't miss us...LOL! I used to teach at the High School in St. Charles. It was my first three yrs. of teaching and what a great way to start my career! I loved it and the kids. The only reason that I left there was due to their delay in offering our contracts that year. We had just purchased a 100 yr. old home in Webster Groves (about 20 miles away). I was afraid that we may not get contracts at all that year....and I had to work in order to help pay for our new home. Since I was from Webster myself....I knew the Superintendent (he had been my high school English teacher just 8 years before). I told him about the situation and he offered me a job on the phone. The only problem was he didn't know what I would be teaching or where I would be teaching......BUT I HAD A JOB! That is where I stayed until my retirement last year:D
Look at the lovely gardens and pots. The flowers were spectacular:D

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Dawn said...

What a wonderful collage of great photos!