Monday, April 07, 2008

There were TWO LITTLE BIRTHDAYS....(and Spring pics)

Aren't these Bradford Pear Trees beautiful? When we moved from Webster Groves 10 years ago, the thing we missed the most was the abundance of trees!!!! You all know what most new subdivisions look like....well....we were moving from "Tree City U.S.A." literally! That is what they call Webster:D The first thing we did....even before the sod was laid.....was to plant 27 trees! All the trees that I had longingly seen in other yards is what I went for...LOL I got a Smoke Tree, Bradford Pears, Red Bud, Dogwood, Maple, Blue Spruce, Clump Birch and Clump Maple! We also put in a Pink Crabapple, Rose of Sharon, Fire Bushes and Pampus Grass! We also brought with us some of every plant we had in our our new beds were established before the sod as well! I am sure the neighbors thought we were nuts, but it worked for us:D

Here are some of the blooms that I photographed in the morning and then at night! Can't wait to see those Red Bud Bloom open up and glow along those lean branches! Our trees are a feast of color when Spring arrives.....makes my heart sing!
I can hardly believe that it has been TWO YEARS since these little pumpkins were born:D We celebrated at our house Sunday but their official party will be next Sat. at their house! It was more fun seeing them open all their presents without all the other kids around! We will be taking something Sat. as well, but there is so much confusion when they are opening gifts from 20 other people....ha..ha Sheila has a very large family and there are many cousins! I really like it this we can see them really enjoy each and every toy! Call me selfish, but I really had FUN!


JUST ME said...

Happy Birthday BOYS! I remember seeing your grandma's posts when you were just little ones.....



madrekarin said...

Ah, spring!! Isn;t wonderful? Our Bradford pear trees have blossomed and leafed out already. But every week, there is something new popping out and catching my eye.
Happy Birthday to those sweet little boys! You are the kind of fun grandma that I want to be!! :) It's just going to take a veeerrrryyyy long time. None of my kids are in a hurry. lol

PAT said...

Happy Birthday, to the little guys, Linda!

My goodness your trees are so pretty. We're just beginning to see some buds up here and we're not very far north of you. The past few days have been glorious, haven't that!


Sheila W said...

NaNa and Papa always do so much for our boys! They should put a big red bow around their own necks because they are the best present the boys could ask for!


missy j said...

Looks great. We're working on serious tree planting over here! I have used you as my example last year. DH says,"we need to level the yard, yada yada..." I finally said, "plant crap! We'll move it, need be!" So, what is the tree in front of your sidewalk? The one with several trunks...what does that one do?
Happy Birthday guys!

Lisa Cook said...

Ahhh, spring. Well, at least you get to have it. It snowed again last night....sigh. Thanks for sharing your photos with us northerners!
And congrats on the Somerset publications. Your work is always amazing and wonderful.