Thursday, April 10, 2008

Finishing Touches

Just a few quick photos to show you how Rog is finishing off the bathroom! Once the wood filler has dried and has been sanded we will paint all the woodwork and the visible wall now showing a white satin. This will give the appearance of very large crown molding:D A little trick I saw in some decorating mag. many years ago:D


missy j said...

This is great! My VERY handy hubby conquered crown molding for the first time last year. He can do anything. One of our builders came in to repair something, and mentioned he hung it upside down! No wonder it was such a B#@*%! He wanted to pull it down and start over. I suggested cheating with some corner mold but I will show him this trick. Thanks.

I thought that might be a Red Bud. Got my eye on them. I have a special spot for one.

When I printed the photos, I did 4X6 but I am thinking of up-sizing to take up more space. Smaller than I thought, but the money was spent on frames so I waited a while. ( I also want a matte on the photos)

Happy Weekend!

lindaharre said...

Thanks Missy!

PAT said...

Linda, I can't wait to see it finished. I've heard of this method of "beefing" up trim. It looks beautiful already!