Friday, March 07, 2008


Sheila and boys were suffering from "cabin fever" and came out for the day! The boys love the piano and usually head there first:D Hunter is really getting into it here:) They are so much fun just to watch........We played, ate, slept and played some more on this dreary, cold, gray day! It was sure sunny at my house:D


JUST ME said...


They are cutie pies... Love the cute little monkey shirts. Adorable.


Administrator said...

I love that the boys get to bang around on the piano. I always wanted to play piano when I was younger but since I came from such a big family (6 children) I knew we did not have extra money for piano lessons. When my parents asked me if I wanted to take piano lessons and I said no because I knew we did not have the extra money and I was trying to save the family money. I am so glad my boys have the opportunity! ---sheila