Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snowy Night Project.....

I found this little vintage chandelier at an Estate Sale several weeks ago......decided to paint it and make it patio or deck ready.....just in time for Spring:D The little votives are set in glass cups so that the night breeze doesn't blow them out. Just think, it will be that warm soon....YEA!


madrekarin said...

Linda- That is adorable!! I love how you can look at something and see potential in it. I probably would have passed that chandelier by. Not anymore. You have inspired me. :)
Thank you for the sweet comment on my pinkeeper. I am toying with making more. I'll keep you posted. :)
I am off to check out Rog's blog!

Sharon said...

I love it and have just the place for it. Really I do.

PAT said...

I love this little chandelier, Linda. I don't have a place for one on the patio. I redid an old light fixture from our former home. It has hurricanes, so that works great for outdoors. I have it hanging in a corner of the back porch.

I'm making note of Rog's blog.

Sue said...

I love it! Can just imagine those spring evenings outdoors...........sigh.

Linda your package arrived today! Thank you so much. It looks so cute sitting on my computer! I left you something on my blog, please go check.


Lee W. said...

woo hoo- so pretty!!