Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sweet Mica!!!!!!

Mica @ Garboodles Soup has awarded me with this sweet award! What a nice way to wake up this morning:D Thank you so much Mica........just about the time you think no one is even watching:D Mica is a darling girl that home schools her children (Kudos to you !!!!!! coming from a former teacher:) She makes the most wonderful dolls.....if you haven't already seen them. Mica has a new look if you already know her you need to take a peek......glamorous:) This artsy award needs to be passed I will give it a little thought and get back with you this afternoon. Thanks again, Mica.


Mica said...

well deserved really !!! I just adore the things you have been coming up with lately !!! So enjoy and pass it on to those you want to. see ya soon and have a great remainder of the week !!! Love, Mica

Anonymous said...

Congradulations! It is very much deserved!!! :) Your talent is outstanding! Wonderful post! *HUGS*

Judy said...

Indeed congrats - you really do deserve this one!