Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not real Chic.........

First off.....
you will have to click on collage to make any sense of these pics:D
This is our little Booth!!!!
8' X 8' is all the space we have
we have it stacked to the gills!
NO THEME HERE, Cindy....LOL......
Just a lot of treasures:)
it has been open only two and a half weeks
we are doing quite well!
We have sold several larger pieces and many smalls and are thrilled!
We have covered our rent and it looks like we might even make a profit
this month.....YEA!!!!!


JUST ME said...


Congrats... Your booth looks great. Sorry that I have not posted soon, but been stressing about my hubby and his interview today. We won't know till a few weeks from now if he got the job in Chicago and if we move.

Love everything you have posted. the boys look great in their little sock monkey shirts and the sock monkey you made is great. I wonder if they will take to the sock monkey. It's always great to see little kids still hanging on to stuffed animals and the stuffed animals look like they have been through some rough fun times. My boys are 6 and 10 and they still like stuffed animals and sleep with them as well.

I see that you are making your boxes again.....Their great. Well if we do get to move I will be here till the end of May so let me know when you are going to the flea and I will gladly meet you.

Take care and sorry for such a long message.


madrekarin said...

It looks great, Linda! Yay for you making rent already. Nothing like being the new kid on the block to get people excited!! I'm wishing much continued success for you and your sis.

cindy said...

Linda! LOL...theme or not, it looks fantastic! Looks like the kind of booth that would keep me entertained for quite some time! And rent already, hey, that's the best part. Glad to see pics! It's awesome! : )


Mica said...

Hello Linda, everything looks great. I love the grandbabies in monkey shirts and the sock monkey you made them ahh !!! so cute. I am going to be making more vintage style sock monkey's and sell them soon !! I love monkey's guess you already knew that already. I also left an award for you .. you deserve it !!! Please stop by and pick it up. Yours truly, Mica

Donna O. said...

Well that's pretty darn good!!! Not only are you making money, you're having fun- it shows!!! And congrats on your award!!

Linda said...

You go girl! I love your booth even better in person! When my granddaughters were here over Christmas I made them two sock dolls (dogs?) out of old socks, and they LOVE them, too. Linda,too

nelda said...

Woo-hoo! What fun...shop on!