Thursday, November 29, 2007

Found them this morning.........


Check out what came across the wires this morning:D..........
Paper Whimsy
the Village Houses
3 Sizes
check out the site for Grungeboard and other new items:D


Linda said...

Omigosh; I just went to paperwhimsy which I had never discovered before and I've been going nuts there for the past hour and where has the time gone and how much money can i really spend on all that fabulous stuff and oh my the houses are absolutely to die for and whatever am i going to do with all the incredible ideas and inspiration from just that one spot???? Linda thanks for the tip. YOU ROCK, GIRLFRIEND!

lindaharre said...

Glad you found good things:D

Trish G. said...

They also have these houses at Hobby Lobby in my neighborhood and if you're thrify, there's a 40 per cent off coupon every weekend now.