Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finishing Tutorial on Puppet!

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Back to business after a brief delay.......daughter in law in hospital with flu.....twin with us for two days......and then my turn in the barrel:( Anyway, all is well now and I want to finish the tutorial on the "jumpin puppet".

Once you have completed all the parts it is time to put together........I mentioned that I use telephone wire and buttons, but any kind of thin wire will do (for that matter heavy thread would work as well).
When adding the legs and arms to the puppet.....always attach with the arms and legs BEHIND the body of the puppet. That will allow you to string the puppet in the next step!
Now it is time to string the puppet to make him move!!!!!

I like to use waxed thread, but any string will do.
Did I mention that you need to put one hole in the end of each arm and leg......I think NOT!!!!
(Well, I didn't I had to get the ice pick out and do it after the fact:D

1.Lay the puppet down with backside up. Mine is all colored because I like to use discarded watercolor paper.
2.Place arms straight down to the sides of the puppet and legs straight down as well.
3.Run a string from one arm to the other and tie on at each end.....make sure the arms remain in a downward position!
4.Now string the legs the same way....again...making sure the are in the straight down position.
5.Once another string from the arms to the legs leaving a nice long tail that will hang down between the legs.
6.Tie on a heavy bead of some sort to the bottom of the vertical string.
7.Hang up your puppet and pull the string......your puppet will dance and delight!


retrorose said...

Hi LInda,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. YOur Christmas Tree Puppet is wonderful.
I am going to add you to my links. Fell free to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh..I hope that your daughter in law is alright!!!
Thank you for sharing the rest of the instructions on doing this! I can't wait to get started!!!! *HUGS*