Friday, October 26, 2007

"Love Letters from the Edge" ... (of my kitchen sink)

I know that some of you will wonder.......what could this ratty pile of paper reveal in a post? Well, everyday for the past TEN YEARS, my hubby has left me a love note any morning that he leaves before I awake! I have kept them all and have a habit of storing the more recent ones in my kitchen drawer full of dish towels. Of course....I hide them under the clean clothes.....:D At one point I thought he had found my stash and was recycling or regifting as it were....but NO! He said he wouldn't ever do that.....LOL Each morning as I go to make that first cup of tea....there waiting for me on the counter is a little reminder that I am loved! You have no idea how much that means.....even if the worries of the day are heavy on my shoulders, that little note reminds me of how important I am to the one I love:D The TWO times he has forgotten I have had to call and ask, "Where is my note? Something wrong? On the rare occasion that I have left the house while he is still in bed............I have left a note as well, knowing how much it means:D Is there someone that you can leave a note for? Is there someone that would have a better day knowing that you thought of them? These are the things that are important in life......


angelica torrez said...

Thinking of you Linda.....

This is awesome... Wish my hubby were a little bit more romantic.

Your hubby is a keeper for Life.



Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a sweetie you husband is!! And you are so sweet to keep all of them all this time, too!

I was reading some of your older posts and your wrote this:"i am so a.d.d. i can't stick with anything very long.....tired, bored...whatever! my surroundings are so important to me....i don't mean that i have to have expensive things, but my mood is determined by the feeling i get from my surroundings. lighting makes such a difference to me also. i drive my hubby nuts....he runs around turning off lights after me:-)" LOL! Sounds EXACTLY like me- I could've written all that about myself! I am constantly redecorating and it's rediculous how much my mood is affected by my surrounding! And I am always turning on every light I can saying
"Why is it so dark in here??" LOL!
Nice to find someone who understands! :D

Sharon Wisely said...

Hey Linda..Your love notes are fab, but I LOVE that red and white fabric!

natalie said...

That is sooo sweet!!

Deb said...

This is so incredibly touching... what a lovely, sentimental gesture from your love :) Deb

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is such an amazing heartfelt post. how cool are the notes - but more amazing to see them - what a fantastic collection of LOVE!

missy j said...

Ohhhh, that is so sweet. I'm going to do that more often. I always leave notes for my kids in their lunches. When they do a sleepover I will tuck notes in their bag too. They act like it kills them but if I don't leave one for a while they ask where their note is. I have to be honest though, not too many to dear hubby. I'm on it! Thanks for the reminder!

P.S. I WORK and teach at For Keeps Sake Scrapbook Store. My family kids me because I call it "my" store. A lot of the customers even think it's mine. It's kinda funny when a customer says to the owner, "let me talk to Missy!" Of course, the owner doesn't chuckle...just kidding, she thinks it's a hoot. Sorry that I confused you. It is in South County...the other end of the world to you. I would love to see you there some time.

nelda said...

That is SO sweet and touching.

Jeanne said...

Oh these love letters are the most romantic thing I heard about in a long time. What a treasure your DH is.

Naturegirl said...

I would totally agree it is the simple things in life that brings happiness!
What a sweet romantic gesture on your dear husbands part to send these love notes...sigh...
Thank you for leaving me a birthday greeting..a little kindness you threw my brithen my day..Thank you
hugs Anna

The Decorated House said...

What is the most wonderful part of you story is that you both treasure each other, hubby because he takes the extra minute to say I love you in a note, and you of course who appreciates it so much.
Some people miss that second part.

A little late, but Happy Birthday to Milly! And love those new Christmas goodies, too.

Judy said...

And i thought i was crazy keeping the notes my kids write me from time to time.
I think it is wonderful that your hubby does that - how beautiful is that!

connie govea stuart said...

I am visiting late..
and have not visited for awhile..
but had to tell you how SWEET
this is!! Nice that you
shared it! :)

take care Linda, all the bset