Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Thank You!

Thank you for all your sweet supportive words........I took them all to heart! That is the beauty of this blogging world.......kind words of support and understanding, smiles from afar, lovely people you have never laid eyes on......amazing:D Sharing always makes things easier for some reason:D


PAT said...

Hi Linda..I'm just now seeing your post. I'm divorced and J is divorced and there have been some days, just like you describe. For years, I was called by his first wife's name, at gatherings! They were married 7 years..J and I have been together 25. Go figure! It is hurtful and I understand how you feel!

My X and I have always got along fine. We're ok with family gatherings and we all sit together at big events, like college commencement, etc. But not so with J's X!


Jamie said...

It is amazing isn't? Very kind place to be. Love, Jamie