Thursday, August 09, 2007

School Clothes cont...........

A couple more things finished for starting school! I have one more group of fabrics I bought online! I just can't find wonderful fabrics here like I find online! I love "Sis Boom" fabrics and other Free Spirit fabrics. Amy Butler makes such gorgeous designs as well. I will post some of my sources later in case you want to go and look. I also love to "steal with my eyes".....that is what my mom used to call it! She would take my sister and I shopping and to lunch at some fancy tea room in downtown St. Louis. We would go and look for cute ideas for school clothes. We would try them on and mom would study the details. When we got home, mom would recreate those fashions on her little Singer:D My mom didn't have the internet to rely on.....but I do! I surf for cute children's sites to see what they might be offering...... I have found dresses for little girls that run 625.00 and a cute jacket for 450.00! WOW....we'll take two:D Anyway, I will post a few site along with fabric sites stand by if you are interested:)


eb said...

so cute - will you make my "back to school" clothes? :)(: - ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

that creativity just goes every which way!

xox - eb.

missy j said...

You make going back to school FUN! I love the fabrics you are talking about. I was wondering if they were available in the Lou...guess not.