Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Baby Girls...................

Today was my second day of retirement and what fun I had.......just knowing that I didn't have to accomplish ANYTHING today......there is always tomorrow and tomorrow! This is very hard to get used to because I have worked since I was 15 except for summers. The thought of never having to work again boggles the mind! Sheila came out with the boys early this morning just to "hang out"........not for any particular reason but to visit nana....WOW! That's new!!!!! We took the boys for a long walk in the neighborhood, stopping to see some friends along the way:) Then it was home to play and make some lunch. The weather was so beautiful (75 degrees) that we spent most of our time on the deck.....catching some rays and just talking:) Then Carrie and my two precious little girls came over also:) After a quick lunch for them the kids went down for a nap.....while mommies and Margo went down to our swimming pool for a dip:) Grandma thought she would take a nappy while the babies slept, but NO............Milly didn't want to sleep:) I tried everything but nothing would make it better, so I gave up the idea! A short time later everyone came back from the pool and we continued to just gab and play! What a leisurely day full of love and fun! Sheila and I distroyed my closet while I gave her everything that no longer fits me:( I hate the thickness around my middle that has grown there in the past 3 yrs. Nothing, not even 200 crunches an evening, makes it smaller......oh well.....the clothes looked great on Sheila and she loved them:) That was a "good thing".
Here is a collage of my sweet girls....Margo and Milly!

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One Crabapple said...

They are DARLING girls. Love that pink. Love to see Margo's smile !

I wonder how they will be as they grow up together. You must have these thoughts too as you watch them....

I am not sure if I have stopped by to formally say


I know when we first started to talk this seemed like a million light years away and now ! here it is !

It's happening. ENJOY ! I am gonna sit back and really enjoy all the creative wonders that come from your having more time and energy.

I have my pen and paper handy to take notes as I watch you go !!!!

Thanks for all of the inspiration and fun I am about to get !!!!

Welcome to The Next Chapter in Linda's Life !

Love, Sandy