Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Anaglypta.........and what is that?

Anaglypta wallcovering is a paper that has the look of vintage tin ceiling tiles. The surface of the paper has a raised design done with some kind of foam application. The paper is meant to be painted and only comes in white. Surfing the blogging world the other day I landed on Michelle Ward's site and there I found a post she had written using Anaglypta paper as a printing block! Well, as soon as I completed my blogging journey I pulled out the Anaglypta I had in my studio and printed away! What fun and the results were really nice. I thought I would share this idea because it is a rather inexpensive way to get great looking backgrounds and collage material:) I simply painted acrylic paint on the surface with a brush and then printed on different colored card stock, vellum and acetate! If you have a wallpaper store close by, you might want to ask them for a sample of either anaglypta or superglypta and try it yourself:) Happy printing!


maggiegracecreates said...

I have used samples as monoprint stamps for years. Too much fun. I even found some that looks like that metal truck box stuff.

michelle said...

Linda - these are fabulous! I spy some patterns I don't have yet....uh-oh, need more :)

One Crabapple said...

How kool ! and GREAT IDEA

Thank you for sharing this.

ANaglypta(sp?) On it ! ....must get a piece and try this.