Sunday, May 20, 2007

Treated Like A Queen.......

Today, Chris and Sheila entertained myself and Rog and her parents with a lovely brunch! To avoid all the confusion of working around schedules they planned this as our Mother's Day celebration. It was so nice! We arrived to the torches burning, fountains splashing and babies eating. They had even planned all of the music and had all the tunes Sheila's mom and I love. All handpicked and programed, playing softly sweet:) We were instructed before arriving to park in the back that they wanted to be with us when we viewed the NEW Front of their home! They have had all kinds of work done to their 135 yr. old row house in Lafayette Square area in downtown St. Louis. They had all the paint chemically removed from the brick on the front of the house, new paint job on all the wood, new windows, trees removed and new masonry done and landscaping. They aren't finished, but the work so far is fabulous! The rock and brick work done is perfection. There will eventually be a fountain in the front and a nice flagstone patio beyond that wrought iron gate! The back is already complete and I will share some photos of that next:) A little jewel in a most beautiful and restored area of our great city!!!!


stephanie said...

This looks like a marvolous place! and you deserve to be treated like a queen!!

angelica torrez said...


This is beautiful.... What a beautiful home...Truly!

I love all your beautiful planters filled with flowers. So pretty. You make me want to take a day off and just hang out outside all day.

I need to plant more at my house soon. I will soon post a picture of my peony... I love that plant. I picked a whole bunch of flowers from it this morning to bring it into my office. I can at least enjoy them here since I am not at home.

Don't forget this coming Monday is the GYPSY CARAVAN. Monday the 28th.

You take care and the boys look so cute in their little dress shirts.

You are an amazing person. I just wanted you to know that.

Angie Torrez

natalie said...

The boys are sooo cute!! And definately looking more boy than baby.
THAT house is spectacular...a dream home!