Saturday, May 19, 2007

Collage from the Deck!

These pics are from our room that we use in the summer........our deck! We love it, in fact when we built it on....we built two! We use the one off our bedroom as well:) This is where you find us in the morning, after work and in the evenings:) We are outside people and can't wait to get out their with our paper or our latest project! Anything that can be done outside, is!!!!!! I have been known to bring my ironing board out and iron as the breeze blows my locks:) Anyway, here she is.....nothing fancy but greatly appreciated:)


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Love your deck collage Linda! It's a wonderful place and I can so relate! There is no place I like to be more than on my deck when the weather is good! Aren't we lucky people :D Hugs Carol xox

missy j said...

Hi Linda
I am so pleased to see new pictures. My poor husband...not so much! I drag him into the computer and say look what she has done! I make him look at Somerset too. He does admire your talent. We have a new home (in St. Louis too) and it is BARE! I shared with him your tree stories from last year and I am constanlty telling him we need to plant...a LOT! It will come! Thanks for sharing your beautiful yard and it is truly my inspiration! Someday...

P.S. How do you get your terra cotta pots to look so old and lovely?