Friday, April 13, 2007

Step Four!

Here is the final ladies. After a little "tweeking" and a few more flowers it is finished! I decided that the word "cousin" took away from the two page continuity. I like it alot better with the initials......what do you think? If you have any other questions please ask away:)


eb said...

love this - too cute - also love the step by step - and oh my... pink, pink, pink

xox - eb.

Jill said...

I think it is out of this world fabulous!!!!! Wonderful!!!! Fantastic!!!!
I agree, I like it better without the cousin...
You are an inspiration!!! Truly!

Susan Tuttle said...

Awww--this is precious--absolutely darling!!! I just love your work!!!

Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog--I do my own website work--which is a good thing--as I seem to frequently change my designs--I'd be broke if I had to hire someone to accommodate me--lol!

Happy weekend!


Sue said...

Just beautiful as all your work is!!!!! I am working at mine following your steps and will be pleased if my work turns out even half as nice is yours.
Thanks for commenting at my site too! (I am moving it to wordpress this week) I really believe that people with autism absorb more of what is around them than they show.
So keep talking to your beautiful granddaughter. She needs to hear the voices of those that love her and to be included in conversations always, even though she may not respond. She is blessed to have such a loving grandmother!

Jamie said...

These turned out perfect! Thank you so much for sharing your skills and artistic process with us. I love seeing the transformation from beginning to end. I do like it better without the cousin, but I like too how you tried it and sat with it awhile. Just wonderful all the way around:)
Love, Jamie

eb said...

oh my goodness! - I came back to spend more time - scrolled back - and look at those yummy pages! - the birds! the bunnies (I love bunnies) the variety and range of pattern, design - love the way the writing winds around the images -

thank you Linda!

can't wait to see which ones you picked

xox - eb.

ArtsyMama said...

LOVE these and what a fun tutorial! Thanks so much for doing that. What did you use for the "stems" of the tall flowers with the white dot on the end? Is that pen or black/grey ink? It seems muted.

Judy said...

Hi , you dont know me but i just had ti stop by and tell you how much i enjoyed seeing your artwork - Hunters book - in Legacy/ Somerset Memories. There's a bit of a delay getting it all the way down here. Anyway - it was the most inspiring piece of art that I have seen quite a while and I wanted to let you know. They are such lucky little boys to have you document their lives with such love affection and enormous talent. I cannot praise you enough withoout sounding ridiculous. Waiting with baited breath for the next installment. P.S. I am a twin too. Ciao for now, Judy

nelda said...

These pages turned out so wonderful. Thanks for sharing your process.

One Crabapple said...

ohh well GOODNESS you know how i feel about your journals....they are PERFECT no matter what you do and with or without changes...they floor me.

I love this book ! WOW

Jeanne said...

The pages turned out beautifully. I like the initials better than the "cousin" word too.