Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Squares Beyond Compare...........

I am really enjoying this "granny square" thingy!
It is fast, easy and the results are beautiful!
Taking a small square to work on is inconspicuous
can almost go unnoticed during a meeting (thanks San;),
in the doctor's office or while waiting for dinner to cook!
You gotta love it!
The other night.....I lost my needle somewhere between my car and home@#$%%#!
Well I immediately got panicky:)
Should I call a friend at school (the one that started this whole thing)
find out what size needle she had started me with?
Should I just trek over to Wally World and see if I could figure out the size on my own?
After taking a deep breath
I decided to work in my studio instead:)
The next morning
during my first break of classes
I high-tailed it down to our local little craft store!
Not only did I purchase the right size needle, but several other sizes as well!
some more yarn of beautiful pink and salmon colors.
I am working on two coverletts at the same time:0
the story of my life!!!!!!!!

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