Saturday, April 14, 2007


Tomorrow is the twins
First Birthday Party......

even though their actual Birthday was April 4th.
In order to find a day
when everyone could come,
the party was posponed:)
Mom and Dad celebrated with them on April 4th.
I had bought the boys some darling birthday hats while in Vegas.
Sheila is so cute.
She admitted to me that she put the hats on the boys and took them to the Mall
so that everyone could see them on their actual birthday.

This first year went too fast.
I want to hold onto those precious little babies for a bit longer:(
This is the reason I document every step of the way in their first few years that we can readily return to those delightful days.


Jill said...

What a wonderful grandma you are!

eb said...

Linda - I love these!!!!!!!!!

and thank you so much for featuring my journal pages - my favorite is the top one - "how big is your circle?" -

xox - eb.

eb said...


just picked up the new Somerset Memories at B&N - and there's your FABULOUS book on Hunter


xox - eb.

Sue said...

I hope the boy's party was a great time for all! You appear to have a very close family and that is always great to have. I have been working at my book and have posted my first page. It is addicting. I may have to stay up late late to work on more! Thanks again for posting the steps it has helped me so much.