Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Stash!

I see alot of posts on fabric stashes lately:)

Mine is much smaller than most,

but I too love fabrics and can't resist a beautiful piece.......

In preparing for this post I took great pride in cleaning up my stash drawers

I found pieces I forgot I had......fancy that!

I recenty found the cute fabric with the cupcakes
plan on making a ruffled skirt for Margo.
I think I will applique a cupcake on a pink "T" to go with:)

Anyway, I am only sharing the cleaned up part of my stash
the rest is still a wreck with everything sort of wadded together.
Maybe another day:)


Jill said...

Oh my! How beautiful....I am inspired to clean up my stash...which is emabarrassingly large and unused....I really need to use some pieces....maybe after reorganizing I will .....maybe!

Mary Timme said...

stashes do have a way of messing themselves up. I swear it must be namelins that get in there and do it. I can't figure out why else! Honest!

Anonymous said...

Cupcake fabric!! Where oh where did you find it!?

Morning Glory said...

That's the most incredible stash of fabric I've ever seen. Surely there's something in there that will be perfect for skirts for orphans. I'm glad you want to help sew skirts. If you will click on the link in my post about Randi at "I Have to Say", you will be able to contact her to get the details. Her email address is on her blog. There is a pattern and it's quite easy. I hope you connect with her. I know she'd love your help.

And thank you for stopping by my blog. It's lovely to see a new reader.

Heather said...

Yummy colors.. a definite pick me up on a cold rainy day.

Susan Tuttle said...

Beautiful colors! So organized!

I want to see pics of your new Goodwill finds!!


Cathy said...

What a beautiful stash! I've recently been venturing into collecting fabrics since receiving a sewing machine for Christmas. I'm currently working on my first crazy quilt block! I'll try not to droll... LOL!