Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday Night Ladies......some of them:)

It is snowing again and several us were unable to come......but here are 4 of the Monday Night Ladies! Tonight we played with some old garden gloves that Sue brought. Each of us decorated and stuffed one! Mine is still a WIP! Aren't they cute? Sue is using them for an art project with her high school students.  Posted by Picasa


Nancy Maxwell James said...

oh how fun! I have art (work in a High School) with my student right now, wonder if I can share these with the teacher! awesome project!

Mary Timme said...

Those are neat and what a good idea for art students.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is wonderful! Garden gloves, who woulda thunk!!! Wouldn't those be fun strung on a clothes line... Oh you've just inspired me (again!)

Naturegirl said...

Adorable! A great project while it's cold and wintery outside. I think I will paint myself a pair but use them
next season as my rose garden gloves! Thank you for the idea and for sharing!

carolyn said...

fun project but best of ALL is that you ladies get together. I wish I lived closer.

kathywas said...

I love these decorated garden gloves! Believe it or not, I bought one (encased in a shadowbox) from Lynne Perella about a year ago. Such a fun idea!

One Crabapple said...

how KOOL

I love the garden gloves !!!

Love that you Ladies got together and worked on them...and intrigued over the project she is doing at school....?

ohh this is so neat . I really want to have my own little get together and work on gloves one day.

Super idea. Thank you !!!