Sunday, September 10, 2006

More Lafayette Square......

Rog and I would love to be both City Mice and Country Mice! We are fortunate enough to live in an area that is still a bit country! Eureka, Mo. is just enough away from the city to still have the charm of a little country town. We have the local shops and wide open country at our doorstep but can jump on the interstate and be practically anywhere we want in 20 to 30 minutes. BUT.......we also LOVE THE CITY! Over a year ago, we purchased a condo in the Georgian, which is the old St. Louis City Hospital. Construction was just beginning and it seemed like such a good idea. We were also encouraged by my son's Chris and Jeff who also purchased units. Well, here is where the rub comes........we actually purchased to flip it, but held onto the hope that we might be able to keep it and have the best of both worlds. A place to lay our hats when we wanted to go visit the twins, the baseball game, muni or any other event we enjoy......Well, the time has come and the condo is finished! It is beautiful, just as we had imagined. We are half-heartedly trying to sell it, but if the truth be known......we wouldn't be too disappointed if it didn't sell.........then we could be City and Country Mice all that the same time! I will share some before and after pics just to give you a peek!
These are pics of the area and my son and daughter in laws yard. They have done so much it is really enchanting for such a small lot:-D Posted by Picasa

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