Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lafayette Square......

Last weekend was the annual Lafayette Square bike race! It is always so much fun because my son, Chris, lives in the square and Rog's son, Chris, is always a racer! How is that for creative naming:-D George Forman has nothing on us!!!! The crowd was bigger than ever and the Square is always so festive! Because it is held in the evening.....the weather is always GREAT! This year was no exception. The endurance these young men have is astonishing. They race for 50 laps.....and I would say the laps are at least one mile each! Parties are going on everywhere and people open their homes to neighbors and friends. You see everything from fine china and crystal wine glasses to throw away cuts and pizza being eaten along the curbs of the park! What a fun way to spend the evening....... Posted by Picasa

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