Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Working with Metal...............

I have been intrigued with old tins for quite some time, but didn't want them just sitting on a shelf. After seeing some wonderful pieces of jewelry made from old tins while blog surfin, I decided to try my hand at it! Also, longing to find a way to get an instant rust or patina on things. Chris, a friend from Red Lead put me onto several ways to achieve the patina......so last night was "metal night". My hubby dug out the old riviter and drill and I tried my hand at cutting the tin.....not bad! Meanwhile, I mixed up a batch of cypress mulch and vinegar and placed my pieces of copper and brass under that mixture. I was thrilled to find this wonderful patina this morning when I awoke! I will post what I come up with after I have played for awhile.....but thought you might enjoy this easy method:-0
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Wendy said...

Looks exciting, can't wait to see the results.

Chris Schwartz said...

Hi Linda!!!
don't you just LOoVe the patina metal?!
How fun and easy, huh?
Glad to share Linda & Obie's fab techniques with ya!
Hey, wanted to tell you that we'd love to sell your Paper Plates collage packets at Red Lead!
Sharon and I LoVe them!
So...when you and Sandy have a chance, bring them by the store!

Toni said...

Wow how interesting!
For a long time i collected old tins but ran out of room for them. this puts a whole new light on them.
Please post your end results.
Love that patina

lauren Mumford said...

How brave of you! Metal, drills, saws, all that stuff freaks me out... (note to self: have to get braver!) This work looks fun and beautiful. Good for you!


Babsarella said...

WOW! Love the way the tin came out! I must give this a try sometime. Can't wait to see what you make with this!