Thursday, June 15, 2006


My Studio.....

I have a secret place
Where I go to hide
It’s always friendly there
No one taking sides..
It’s far far away from all the sorrows of the world
My heart is filled with peace there
Secure and safe from getting old..
I can go there anytime I want
No entrance fee or toll
It’s filled with all my favorite things
It’s chocolate for my soul!
There are no mirrors in my space
To remind me who I am
No mirrors telling me that time is running thin..
I can be as young as my heart feels
I can be anyone I want
And travel any place at all
Each trip a pleasant jaunt
No money changes hands there
It is simply free for all
The creative need is fed there
The space awaits my call
With senses stirred in ways beyond
The human words express
I enter my creative zone
And am always at my best.

by linda harre


arttealife/onecrabapple said...

oh how beautiful

How perfectly described

Thank you for such a great poem.

I hope there will be more !

Wendy said...

That reminds me of my uncle he always wrote lovely poems. A pleasure to read linda.

firstborn studio said...

this is perfect,word for word...oh,and i totally adore the lime painted chest of drawers!