Sunday, May 07, 2006

Take Five.....tagged by denise


5 things in my house i can part with... tv, dirty shower doors, phone, alarm clock and ceiling lights....(not chandeliers, but the ugly glaring lights you find in many rooms).

5 things in my home that i couldn't part picture albums, flowers, sewing machine, art supplies and hubby:)

5 minutes to spend on myself......cup of hot tea and a cig.....YES, i still smoke:)

5 buck to spend.........garage sale stash (nothing like having a few bucks in your pocket to pick up that great find:)

5 words you love.....juxtaposed, simplistic, dynamic, ethereal, reiterate...don't know why i love these words, but i to say and expressive:-)

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JUST ME said...

hello linda,
I apologize I have been out of the loop.. My blog is not working plus work has taken over my life....

Thanks for the present you sent me... You really do not have to bother, but I appreciate it......

You take care and even though I am not around as much I do think of you and all my blogging buddies....