Friday, May 12, 2006

a rose is a rose is a rose.......

while visiting my son and daughter-in-law in kansas city over sis and i went to weston, ks. we found a wonderful little quilt shop and this wonderful shabby chic baby quilt. 50.00 later, i had the bones of this darling blanket. once home it has been crying to me from the bag on the shelf in my studio. last night i decided to try figuring out the details and cheerfully found out it wasn't as difficult as i had thought. now that i have the twelve roses cut, trimmed and sewn onto the background....i am ready to start the sashing. i have been quilting (actually i don't quilt anything:) since last aug. i cheat and have the local church ladies do the hard work. they do the hand quilting for such a small sum that i would rather pay and have time to make another quilt top:) my daughter is expecting in nov. so if it is a girl, i have her first gift underway. also, i took my squares to a great shop in glendale, mo. where i sell some of my things. sue, the owner, and i decided that i would try making some t-shirts with these darling roses on the front. i will be making a sample or two this week-end. will post the results if they turn out cute!!!!!! she is selling some t-shirts now for kids that are very vintage and cute for 30.00. we will see if this works out. oh, by the way, the shop is called "recycled rose" in case anyone reading is from st. louis. Posted by Picasa

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