Sunday, January 29, 2006


After my camera bit the dust, I was distraught for several days....not being able to afford another at this time and having spent alot for the dead one but 6 months ago! Anyway, always the problem solver, I came up with a way to take pics with my scanner! Well, today, EUREKA I came up another solution........I had this small camera I purchased several years ago to take pics for items I was selling on ebay. Couldn't get it to work the other day either, BUT TODAY IT CAME BACK TO LIFE! Not only that, I FOUND the CD that came with it. I am the kind of person that can't find the receipt when I first arrive home from the store....forget 3 or 4 years earlier. Anyway, I had my husband hold up the cones to take a total pic of all of them. This camera is activated by the mouse so you can't get away from the computer in order to make it work!


Becky said...

nothing like a girl on a mission~!

sharon wisely said...


JUST ME said...


You are really cranking these babies out....

Nice work