Thursday, September 01, 2005

DoN"t kNow WHat I'Am tHInkINg!

I am dizzy from the early hour:) Thought I would add a quilt I just received back from this sweet lady ELLA (she did the hand quilting for me) This quilt is for Laura, my step daughter that is due Oct. 2nd! These are the colors of her baby's clue on sex yet...we will all be surprised.
Also thought I would include this morning the two new paintings I completed this summer. Not many for a summer off. I am having a show at the Monday Club in Webster opening Oct. 2. I will barely have the 30+ paintings needed to fill the walls........


Becky said...

I have never seen your paintings. OMG! They look fantastic. When is the show? Really breathtaking.B

lindaharre said...

HOW NICE OF YOU!!!!! the show is opening Sunday, October 2,2005 at the Monday Club in Webster Groves. It is located at the corner of Maple and Cedar Aves. Not sure of the time but around noon.............I am having a reception on that day and would love to invite you to stop by. Thanks again. Linda