Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday Morning.....

Sitting outside with my husband this morning still reeling from the news we received last night. Over dinner at Charcoal House we were told we were not only going to be grandparents again, but twice over.... TWINS..TWINS! All told, these will be numbers 8 and 9 (actually my 2 and 3). These are the gifts of old age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My thoughts are already 8 months ahead of my body........another baby bed at grandma's, retirement, boys, girls, one of each....oh my. Can't imagine what is going through Chris and Sheila's heads......two of everything, instant family (these are their first).
After taking a deep breath and feeling so happy, content and comfortable inside I needed to do something creative. With my new camera and a beautiful morning at hand I headed into the garden. Not much going there but my trusty "pig vine" and morning glories......oh yes, that Autumn Joy clematis (poor speller from way back). Playing with my Adobe program Chris bought me for Christmas I was able to create some fun pics.

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