Monday, August 29, 2005

First Day of 180......

Well, the school year has finally started and I didn't accomplish as much as I hoped to this summer...............oh well, I will never be done no matter how much time I have. As soon as I complete one project I get the supplies together to start 5 more. That is just how I live my life and always changing at this late date:) The day was fun. It is always invigorating to work with kids. They never cease to amaze me! LAUREL BURCH is taking center stage in my room. She is always a HIT with kids. I will photo some of their work when they have completed it. I had meetings after school until 4:30 and then a Frantic 2 hrs. of shopping before giving up and returning home to greet my Monday night ladies.
(Here is my baby helping me piece my baby quilt together)
I received one of my quilts back today from a lady that did the handquilting on it! It turned out so fresh! I am sure Laura, my step-daughter, will love it. Well it is the bewitching hour and I must go to bed in order to start another work day at 5:30 tomorrow morning... sweet dreams!

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