Thursday, October 23, 2014

Now to the Saga of my Studio!

 After 25 years of teaching, 
doing artwork for Somerset Studio, 
artwork for Masala Card Co.,
 artwork for Recycled Rose
 and just painting................
it was time.....NO it was way past time 
for a thorough studio cleaning.

I drug out 65 bags of stuff.....
not little bags, but big black bags!!!
I had to rid myself of things I have looked at 
for years, 
but haven't used.
It was time to stop kidding myself...
there was so much I would never get to!
ha ha ha
That might be a bit dramatic, but it does feel good!

I cleaned off my cutting table 
which hasn't been cleaned since I brought it into the house.
Out of necessity
I need a surface to cut on when sewing.
It has become uncomfortable to get down on the
floor where I used to cut out all my fabric.
Oh, this is so much better!
Rog even went out and purchased 5 now lights
for my studio which he hung yesterday :)

Because we used to smoke in the basement................I needed to wash EVERY drawer and container in the studio! 
No easy challenge.....but I got it done!

The last thing I still need to do is paint and clean out my flat file.
My sis gave it to me years ago...and it was GREEN!
Actually it still is....but that is going to change soon!

There is the file ready for cleaning and painting.....
and I will be done!
Now it is time to get down to some serious artwork!!!!!

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