Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Easy Quilt!!!!!!!!!!

Squares made with two 8" squares and one 10 1/2" square.
A piece of cake....especially if your cuts are perfect and so is your stitching...

Our quilt guild, Eureka Quilt Guild, is planning on making a few quilts for HOPE LODGE! 
A place where people who are in St. Louis for cancer treatments can stay free!
One relative is allowed to stay with them as well!

Sort of like Ronald McDonald House for children's parents to stay free while their child has cancer treatment.
We visited there last year when delivering the quilts that had been made in 2013...
and the place has a happy and uplifting feel!
Nice rooms and large kitchen/dining area.
The quilts we will be making for our next trip are simple and we have chosen to use patriotic colors.
I kind of got carries away and made many more squares then asked to do.

Below are two new bags I made.
This first one is my poor attempt at Free Motion Quilting!
OMG....what an experience.
I was all over the place and had very few smooth lines of stitching:(
I will need to do some serious practicing if I want to succeed.

This bag is for my daughter if she likes it :^)

Love the butterflies!!!

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